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Bed Romp May 23, 2009

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Nice and hot, right? I agree too, it was after all my old wallpaper. And on other notes, did you notice that none of the guys’ arms are ‘muscly’ or at least toned (as male tv stars’ arms should be?) Badgley, Westwick and Crawford get away with it because they’re playing characters from (or hangs out with people from) ‘The Upper East Side’, pfft – as if you’d wear a wife-beater there. But it wouldn’t hurt for once in a while yeah? Maybe an episode when they get lost in Jersey? :P

Then this morning, I stumbled upon this:

For those of you who are not aware – that’s a promo for Queer as Folk from.. (I don’t know, let me google it..) 2004.

There you go. Any thoughts? I’m personally dissatisfied, because Gossip Girl is nothing like Queer as Folk (for starters it has no same-sex relationships whatsoever in the storylines, although if Chuck and Nate could, okay i’ll stop). Oh and the fact that GG stole this “let’s share a bed cuz it looks sexy” concept. Bed Romp!

Then the internet and my brain decided to fuck with me again, I remembered another promo of a show that shares such concept. In fact, I might just think that One Tree Hill is the pioneer of this “concept”. Hmm maybe? This came to me from memory, I saw like, 2 episodes of the first season (because of Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, dang it, at that time I thought they’re gonna be big) but I didn’t enjoy it.

Oh and I checked, this is from early 2003. So One Tree Hill wins.. for now.