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proves how sad i am October 2, 2009

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When I’m stuck at home  – especially after a night out – and the only food I can get my hands on are probably rice and some leftover whatever, I google this:

And I stare at it while eating my shitty meal, wishing every bite will taste at least like one of the 11 secret herbs and spices. Gives me pleasure tbh.


wall of shame September 30, 2009

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pretty self-explanitory.


the vapponator May 12, 2009

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We have this male specimen.. uh.. I mean, this dude, who is apparently, supposed to be our new media teacher. He’s terribly young and awkward and he performs acts of fail on a regular basis.

His recent stunts were this magical, private world for the class on the internet called wikispaces. His enthusiasm towards the lame, so-called “new technology” amuses the whole media class.

Vappy or “the vapponator” has been tweaking around wikispaces, here’s a preview of how sad and disturbing it is…


There’s a creepy Dexter Morgan (from the awesome tv hit Dexter, a psychopath, basically, if you’re not aware of his existence) holding a knife (yes, a WEAPON, in a school-related site) looking over you while you’re checking your overdue homework for the week.

Also, there is this annoying gif of a tryhard azn fail ninja carving ‘I LOVE MEDIA’ into some wall. WTF?

The homepage ends in glorious failure with a weird, irrelevant quote from some dickhead we don’t know or care about. Oh, and also the fact that the vapponator will be away due to “professional development’ training. Haha, i think everyone agrees that he desperately needs it.

media 2

Again, we are greeted with Dexter, hmm, maybe it’s a subliminal message from Vappy to force us to do homework? If we don’t then he’ll chop us up, Bay Harbor Butcher style, mothafuka!

Oh, this FAQ page is totally hilarious. We can see here how the vapponator tries to impersonate Dolly Doctor (thanks for the reference and info, Read it and LOL.


swine flu bullshit May 11, 2009

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You’ll still get the same figure if you change Malaria to AIDS, even INFLUENZA.

Fuck you swine flu, such a poser. You wanna be cool like SARS and BIRD FLU but you can’t, you’re too fat.


You shouldn’t have babies.

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Honestly. This whole ‘teen pregnancy’ thing worries me. Especially when these kinda videos pop out. Please stop producing future arseholes!