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So June 1, 2009

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Somehow I’m upset.

Pressure. Jealousy. Inadequacy. Procrastination. Sloth. Distance.

I don’t want to get into the details because I know some people actually read this blog. (Pfft, I was surprised as well)

Which is why I kinda regret about blabbling to everyone about this wordpress thing. Tell you what, wordpress is shit. I might just go on blogger and see how it is, maybe set up an account and start writing whatever I want, without telling anyone beforehand. Then I can just bitch about people, with freedom. Of course if I get busted, my so-called reputation (just in case I have one -wait, let me check- no, I don’t), uh, scratch that. If I get busted, it’ll just probably confirm their assumption of me. Me = weird and smells like a loser.

Yeah, I’m such a loser sometimes (oops, correction, most of the time) – but I know there are far more kids who leads a more uneventful, sad and possibly pathetic life than I do, so I should be grateful, right? I mean, I have internet, for god’s sake. There are kids in Africa who haven’t even seen Gossip Girl! Okay, that was wrong. Let me think. People who have no friends. Yeah, could their life be more miserable than mine? Possibly. I’m not saying that the amount of friends you have determine how happy you are. No. God, no. I reckon it’s always quality over quantity on this matter. Good friends are like pizza.

Why pizza? Oh maybe cuz I’m craving pizza. I had the weirdest salami this morning by the way. And it was super big. Like, beyond normal size slice-cut salami, hot potato ding dong pumpkin pie.

Ooh guess what, I stopped writing because my dole money cheque just arrived.

ch ch ch cheque

From now I get roughly $200 per fortnight. Bad news is, they’re cutting my family’s other dole because I’m claiming my own allowance. By $50. And mum said I should pay for that $50 bucks, because it was my fault. Well, I was feeling sad before, then the cheque came, and now you’re gonna take a quarter of my newly-arrived, not even cashed out money already? Thanks mom.

So uh, why am I writing this, is this classified as an emo post? Bitching about life and so on? I’m not gonna cut myself or anything. I want to skip forward this shitty year of 2009 to the far awesome 2010.

Maybe if I start believing in God, something will happen.


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