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oh? June 1, 2009

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This is another proof that my teacher, Mrs F, is secretly a menopausal donkey dressed in wrinkly Jew skin, complimented by a “hair-loss” haircut.

Today, because I arrived late – as usual – I didn’t realize that I was supposed to finish the remaining of my Citizen Kane essay. Thanks to Achok (whom I personally think is the black girl who gets away with anything, she has this black magic powers, seriously), I was aware of my responsibily and informed Mrs F about the matter.

I said, “Hey, I haven’t finished that Citizen Kane essay too, can I do it now?”

Mrs. F stared at me for a while, checked her folder, and then said, “Oh? I thought you finished it.”

“No, (bitch) I haven’t,” I grunted.

Mrs. F pulled my essay out of her folder and looked at it. She, looking away, said, “But I’ve marked it already. It was brilliant.”

I looked at my papers and I see this ugly piece of writing on it, with cheap red ink that says, “48/50”

Seriously, what kind of a teacher are you? I haven’t even finished the bloody essay yet! Didn’t you realize that shit?!

Oh but thanks for the A+ anyway.  You’re still a failure though, Mrs F, my essay was like poopy shit. And you give THAT a 48? Wow. She’s beyond stupid eh.


3 Responses to “oh?”

  1. jessus Says:

    ur blog’s pretty neat ;)

  2. jessus Says:

    oh and cobra starship rox

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