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prom dress May 23, 2009

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Ladies and Gentlemen: This is MY perfect prom dress.

Seriously. I know prom or formal, (that’s how we call it here, so gay) is ages away, but I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of jpeg (thanks to Katy Perry‘s unhealthy obsession with all foodie-themed outfits) a few weeks ago: AND wouldn’t that be so awesome if I could wear this to commemorate my 12 years of schooling?! If one word could sum up my whole experience in high school it would be: HAMBURGER. Damn straight.

Oh shit, but then again, it is a boob tube/dress kinda shit – which would require ACTUAL BOOBSsomething God didn’t want me to have, to be honest. And I have orangutan arms with not to mention, fattie fattie pumba thighs. Ew I should stop whining now, I don’t want to turn this into one of those emo blogs that cries out “I need serious psychiatric help!”

I won’t look good in this amazing piece of perfection. I am not worthy. Let Katy Perry have it, she’s got the body and the money for it. Plus, she found it first anyway :P

Still. That dress is so delicious.


2 Responses to “prom dress”

  1. Phil Says:

    at the first moment i laugh about your blog but there is one thing who nerves …you’ve a pretty face ,nice hair and the boobs are important , you won’t look like the asian pornstars or the models , they are not pretty , it’s not asian body , girl be proud of your body and you don’t have orangutan arms , you’ve not a height of 186cm ;-) , you’re smallish and hot ,i’m just honestly

    • motherchuckerr Says:

      thanks phil. comfort words right there, lol, providing that we’ve never actually seen each other, but whatever.
      hehehe. cheers.

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